How to Get Nail Polish Off Walls

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Avoid polish removers with ethyl acetate.

It's a cringe-worthy sight to walk into your living room to find your toddler painting the walls with red nail polish. No matter if the wall is covered with paint or wallpaper, removing the stain improperly causes unsightly damage. Acetone, a caustic ingredient in many nail polish removers is also a main ingredient in paint stripper, and must be avoided. Use an alternate type of nail polish remover, and other products, to safely remove nail polish from painted walls and wallpaper.


Step 1

Create a mixture of 1 tablespoon powdered oxygen bleach and 3 cups warm water. Stir the ingredients until the powder is completely dissolved.

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Step 2

Dampen a soft cloth with soapy water and dab at the stain. If the stain is not completely lifted, move onto the next step.


Step 3

Wet a cotton ball with natural nail polish remover. These removers are derived from natural ingredients, including corn and soybeans, and do not contain acetone or ethyl acetate, which emit strong chemical odors.

Step 4

Dab at the nail polish with the natural polish remover. Do not rub the wall to prevent lifting the paint or damaging the wallpaper.

Step 5

Wipe away the nail polish remover with a damp cloth.



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