How to Remove Orange Peel Texture From Walls

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Orange texture or orange peel is a phenomenon that occurs in paint. The texture looks like the rough consistency of an orange peel rind, hence the name. In some cases, this is done purposefully to create a texture to make a wall stand out and to give it a little "personality." Orange texture can be removed from walls to be repainted or covered in wallpaper.

Step 1

Move any furniture, home decor, and pictures away from the wall. Lay a drop cloth under the wall you are working on.


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Step 2

Put on gloves and a dust mask. Wash the walls with warm water and TSP using a clean sponge. This will remove any dust, grime and dirt. Rinse with warm water and dry with cloths.

Step 3

Put on eye protection. Leave the gloves and dust mask on as well. Sand the wall with 180-grit sandpaper to begin removing the orange texture from the wall. Sand in a circular motion, the orange texture will begin to disappear.


Step 4

Use 240-grit sandpaper once most or all of the orange texture is gone from the wall to get to the wall's bare surface. Sand until smooth and the surface is even all around the wall.

Step 5

Apply a coat of primer to the wall with a paintbrush. Allow to dry for about three hours and then paint the wall in a color of your choosing. Paint at least two coats for best coverage. Let dry for three to four hours before rehanging pictures. Pick up the drop cloth. Put any furniture back in place and home decor.



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