How to Remove Sticky Velcro From Walls

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Velcro, which is a combination of the words "velvet" and "crochet" and is also known generically as a hook-and-loop fastener, was the creation of Swiss engineer Georges de Mestral in the 1940s. Hook-and-loop fasteners have thousands of practical applications, from securing shoes to feet to keeping pens handy in some of NASA's first space shuttles. The sticky backing on Velcro strips adheres to painted walls, and the glue cures within 24 hours to create a strong hold. Unfortunately, removing the adhesive backing is difficult; pulling it from the wall could result in peeled paint or damaged drywall. Using the correct solvent is the best way to safely and effectively remove Velcro adhesive from a painted surface such as a wall.


Step 1

Loosen the edges of the Velcro tape with a razor blade. Run the razor blade around the Velcro's edges to separate it from the wall.

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Step 2

Peel the Velcro off the wall slowly, running the razor blade between the Velcro and the wall to lift it from the paint. Continue until the Velcro is completely removed.


Step 3

Examine the wall for adhesive residue. If there is residue, wet a cotton swab with citrus-based adhesive remover or mineral spirits.

Step 4

Rub the moistened cotton swab over the adhesive until it is gone.



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