What Are the Dangers of Cleaning With Ammonia?

You'll find ammonia used in many household cleaners. It's an effective product to use, but it can be dangerous if used improperly or mixed with other cleaners.

Cleaning with ammonia can be dangerous.


Inhaled ammonia can immediately burn nose, throat and respiratory tract. If lower concentrations are inhaled, nose and throat irritation may be experienced, as well as coughing.

Contact With Skin or Eyes

Low concentrations of ammonia that touch eyes or skin can quickly cause irritation. High concentrations of ammonia can cause severe injury and burns to the affected area.


High concentrations of ammonia that are swallowed can corrode the mouth, throat and stomach. It does not cause systemic poisoning.

Mixing With Bleach

Ammonia that is mixed with bleach or products that contain bleach can create potentially deadly gases. Side effects of these gases include watery eyes, burns and coughing.

Dangers of Heat

Even though ammonia isn't highly flammable, a container of ammonia can explode if exposed to high levels of heat.