How to Polish a Mosaic Floor

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Mosaic floor tiles are a beautiful and customizable interior flooring choice for homes. These tiles are colorful and stylish, but they're also easy to keep clean and polished. Mosaic floor polishing is generally an easy task, but you'll want to pay attention to the material your tiles are made from to ensure proper care.


What Is a Mosaic Floor Tile?

Mosaic tiles are made using various mediums: glass, clay, porcelain, or stone, and they may be glazed or unglazed. Mosaic tiles have been a popular flooring choice for thousands of years (dating back to ancient civilizations) due to their versatility and durability. Since these tiles are made from easily accessible materials and are great for customizing your own floor design, they've continued to be a popular choice to decorate interiors.


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Cleaning Mosaic Floor Tiles

While mosaic tiles are popular for their charming colors and designs, they're also desirable since they are low-maintenance. Most tile floors can be cleaned by simply sweeping them regularly and using a vacuum to prevent crumbs and debris from piling up.


For a deeper clean and polish, use a mop or soft cloth with a mild cleaning agent, such as dish soap or a nonabrasive multipurpose cleaner with water. After you're done mopping, avoid letting the tiles air-dry, which can lead to water spots, and instead dry the floor with a soft cloth.

Beyond this basic cleaning, you'll want to check proper cleaning instructions for your particular tile, since mosaic tiles vary in composition.



Don’t forget the grout! It’s essential to clean the grout between your tiles to keep your floor shining. The easiest way to clean grout is by making a paste with baking soda and water. Let the paste sit on the grout overnight, and then use a nylon brush to scrub the grout gently. Make sure to avoid using the brush directly on the tile to prevent scratching the surface.

Choosing the Right Cleaner for Your Tiles

While mosaic tiles are often made from resilient and long-lasting materials that don't require much care, you'll want to make sure to provide extra care and caution when choosing a cleaner. Depending on the material of your tiles, some cleaners and techniques could be harmful to your mosaic floors.


Because mosaic tiles are made from many types of materials, there's no one-size-fits-all cleaning solution. If you're unsure, ask the manufacturer you bought your tiles from about proper cleaning and care.

Cleaning Stone and Cement Tiles

If your mosaic tiles are made from marble, limestone, or other types of natural stone, make sure to look for cleaners that specifically note they are safe to clean stone surfaces. You'll also want to purchase cleaners without bleach, which can damage your stone flooring, and avoid using any abrasive cleaners for both stone and cement tiles that are more sensitive to tough cleaners and scrubbing.


Cleaning Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

While it's a good rule of thumb to avoid using acidic cleaners on mosaic tile floors, most of the time, porcelain and ceramic tiles are the exceptions to the rule. To keep your porcelain and ceramic tiles shining, use a mop, sponge, or soft cloth to clean them using a mixture of 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1 gallon of water; wipe dry after cleaning.



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