Does Hydrogen Peroxide Clean Granite?

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Use hydrogen peroxide and a white cloth to clean your granite surfaces.

Granite is a natural stone used to make countertops, sinks, flooring, tiles and other items in homes and businesses. The material is strong, long lasting and resists scratches. But like other materials, granite is susceptible to dust, dirt and grime buildup. Various commercial granite cleaners are available, but you can also use hydrogen peroxide to clean your granite surfaces.


Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide cleans and removes stains from granite without leaving a filmy residue. Apply hydrogen peroxide to a clean, white cloth or rag then wipe your granite surface clean. Hydrogen peroxide is available at pharmacies, hardware and home improvement stores. Purchase the 12 percent concentration and use it regularly to remove stains and debris from your granite surfaces.


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Cleaning Paste

Hydrogen peroxide can also be used in a cleaning solution for removing grease from your granite surfaces. Mix 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup of flour and 2 to 3 tbsp. of cold water in a pot. Stir the mixture into a paste and apply it to any stubborn debris you can't remove from your granite surfaces. Let the mixture stand for 12 hours then gently scrape or wipe off the mixture with a soft-bristle brush or wet cloth.


Organic Stains

The chemical also removes organic stains including coffee, fruit, tea and other organic stains from granite surfaces when mixed with two drops of ammonia. The mixture is safe to use on granite and works immediately. When working with the mixture, use rubber gloves and a nose mask to keep the mixture from getting on your hands and in your nose.


Other Stains

Hydrogen peroxide also removes ink, urine, tobacco, marker and wine stains from granite surfaces. Apply the chemical to a clean, white cloth or rag then scrub the stain gently to remove it.

Cleaners Not to Use

Do not use bleach, bleach solutions, ammonia, corrosive liquids, powdered detergents, "soft cleansers," strong detergents and abrasive cleaners to clean granite surfaces. These cleaners can scratch and dull the granite's finish. Also, do not use acidic compounds or vinegar-based and lemon-based cleaners. These compounds can discolor and damage the granite surfaces.


General Cleaning

Clean your granite surface by mixing 3 or 4 tbsp. of a mild dishwashing soap and 1/2 cup of warm water in a small container. Dip a soft cloth or towel in the solution then wring out excess and scrub the surface. Rinse the cloth under warm water, wring out excess then wipe the granite surface again to remove any mixture residue. Dry the surface thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth or towel. Do not let water stand on the granite surface. You can also use stone soap, available at hardware and home improvement stores, to clean your granite surfaces. Mix the recommended amount of stone soap and warm water, found on the container's label, in a small container and follow the same procedure as with the dishwashing soap.



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