How to Clean Showers With Easy-Off Oven Cleaner

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Try cleaning your shower with Easy-Off oven cleaner.

Showers can experience a buildup of soap scum that can be hard to remove with regular bathroom cleaners. If you find that you are spending an hour trying to scrub your shower with no success, consider using Easy-Off oven cleaner to do the scrubbing for you. Just make sure that you are using the fume-free version in your bathroom.


Step 1

Put on a pair of plastic cleaning gloves.

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Step 2

Spray a small amount of Easy-Off oven cleaner in one spot, and wait 10 minutes to see if any discoloration occurs to the surface of your shower. If not, the product is safe to use to clean your shower.

Step 3

Spray a thin layer of Easy-Off oven cleaner anywhere in your shower that you spot soap scum. Spray the doors as well as the walls and the shower floor.


Step 4

Leave the room for half an hour while the Easy-Off oven cleaner does its magic.

Step 5

Wipe away the soap scum with a sponge. Vigorous scrubbing is unnecessary. Rinse your sponge off periodically. Give your shower a final rinse with plain water.

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