How to Attach the Pendulum to a Grandfather Clock

Did you just buy a grandfather clock? Or did you just move one? You will need to know how to set up your timekeeping showpiece--particularly, how to hang the clock's pendulum. This is one of the final things to do before setting the time and starting the clock. You don't need to be a clockmaker to master the technique of hanging the pendulum. It's easy and should take only a minute or two.

Grandfather clock face
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Step 1

Avoid handling pendulum shafts and weights with bare hands. Put on cloth gloves to keep fingerprints off the pendulum metal. Look inside the front door of the grandfather clock cabinet or through the side glass to determine the location of the pendulum guide, which is a five- or six-inch long metal rod with a pin or slot on the end, and which is located behind the face of the clock.

Step 2

With one hand, maneuver the pendulum and the weight attached to it through the front door of your grandfather clock. Partner with another person if the pendulum weighs too much; typically, a pendulum and its weight will weigh about 10 pounds. With your other free hand, reach through the front door and locate the pendulum guide.

Step 3

Thread the hook on the top of your pendulum through the slot or, in some models, over the pin of the pendulum guide. Release the pendulum once it is secured and be sure that it does not come into contact with the back or side of your clock. Level the clock if the pendulum brushes against any side of the pendulum and weight housing.