How Do I Remove Scratches and Scuff Marks From Vinyl Upholstery?

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Things You'll Need

  • Vinyl repair kit

  • 2 lint-free cloths

  • Lint-free towel

  • Vinyl conditioner

  • Pencil eraser

  • Magic cleaning eraser

  • Sponge

  • Baking soda

Vinyl is a common alternative to leather.
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Vinyl is an inexpensive option to leather, sometimes known as fake leather or faux leather. Vinyl is a popular choice for upholstered furniture such as couches and chairs. It is not uncommon to accidentally rip, scratch or damage vinyl upholstery. In addition, vinyl may develop scuff marks with everyday use.


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Repair Scratches on Vinyl Upholstery

Step 1

Open the vinyl repair kit and place all items out in front of you. Read the instructions.

Step 2

Dampen a lint-free cloth in cool water and clean the vinyl upholstery. Wipe dry with a lint-free towel.


Step 3

Sterilize the vinyl upholstery by wiping with the alcohol pad included in the repair kit. Allow the vinyl upholstery to dry before continuing.

Step 4

Open the vinyl repair compound and spread it over the scratches with it overlapping 1/2 inch.


Step 5

Smooth the repair compound with a wet finger. Let the compound sit on the vinyl until dry.

Step 6

Wipe the dried vinyl repair compound with the alcohol pad to completely smooth it out. Allow the compound to dry once again.


Step 7

Paint the clear coat onto the area. You may need to apply several applications of the clear coat until the desired look is achieved. Allow the clear coat to dry completely.

Step 8

Add a vinyl conditioner to a clean, lint-free cloth and wipe the vinyl upholstery completely with the cloth.


Remove Scuff Marks

Step 1

Rub the scuff marks with a pencil eraser until you have removed the marks. Continue to Step 2 if the scuff marks are still present.

Step 2

Dampen a magic cleaning eraser with cool water and gently scrub the scuff marks until they are no longer visible. Continue to Step 3 if the scuff marks are still visible.

Step 3

Dampen a sponge with cool water. Sprinkle baking soda onto the sponge and rub the scuff marks. Continue rubbing until you have removed the scuff marks from the vinyl upholstery.