How to Remove Creases in Vinyl Upholstery

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Things You'll Need

  • Blow dryer

  • Rolling pin


If the vinyl gets too hot to the touch, turn down the heat on the blow dryer or hold it at a further distance from the vinyl; otherwise, you risk damaging the material.

Vinyl is an ideal material for upholstery for a variety of reasons. Vinyl gives you the look of leather and has greater durability. Unlike leather, vinyl is easy to clean, requiring just a wipe with a damp cloth. The one drawback is that vinyl can crease. However, the creases are easy to remove with a simple method.


Step 1

Plug in a hair dryer and turn it on to low heat. Direct the hot air onto the creases.

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Step 2

Smooth out the creases with your hand as you apply the heat. For stubborn creases, run a rolling pin across the surface of the upholstery to flatten the vinyl. Raise the heat on the blow dryer as you do this.


Step 3

Continue to apply the hot air from your blow dryer onto the vinyl until the creases have disappeared.

Step 4

Switch the temperature of the blow dryer to cool air to help set the fabric in this new smooth position once all the creases are gone.