How to Remove the Smell of Cat Urine in My Dryer

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We all love our cats, but the smell of cat urine is one of the most unpleasant parts of owning a feline. If your cat has urinated in your dryer, or if you dried something that had cat urine on it and now your dryer smells like pee, this smell can be transferred onto your clothes. A few simple steps can clean your dryer and eliminate the odor.

Step 1

Wipe out the inside of the dryer with a towel dampened with hydrogen peroxide. This will clean and sanitize the dryer. Also wipe the inside of the dryer door. Allow this to dry to the touch.


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Step 2

Soak a towel in a solution of white vinegar and water. Use 1 cup of vinegar per half gallon of water.

Step 3

Wring the towel to squeeze out excess solution.

Step 4

Dry the towel in the dryer on a high-heat setting for 45 minutes. This will sanitize and start to remove the odor.


Step 5

Spray a towel thoroughly with a pet stain/odor remover such as Nature's Miracle, Get Serious, What Odor? or Odorcide. Spray until the whole towel is lightly dampened.

Step 6

Dry the towel in the dryer on a non-heat setting for 20-25 minutes. Re-spray the towel and continue drying for another 20–25 minutes. This will finish eliminating the odor.


Step 7

Sniff the inside of the dryer to see whether the smell is gone. If a bit of odor persists, the felt seals in front of and behind the drum might have been soaked with urine. Consult your dryer manual for information on removing the drum, as each dryer is different. Peel off the felt seals, scrape away dried adhesive with a putty knife and attach new seals. New seals with adhesive can be purchased from your dryer's manufacturer.



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