5 Reasons Your Dirt Devil Isn't Working

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Virtually all vacuum cleaners require occasional maintenance to function properly, and that includes any Dirt Devil models. Minor issues could occur with all models, from Dirt Devil's handheld vacuum cleaners to its stick vacs or newer cordless models. Most of the time, a little troubleshooting makes it easy to resolve the issue without replacing the device. If your Dirt Devil isn't working properly or at all, something within the vacuum cleaner probably needs to be cleaned or emptied. In some cases, the project may take a little more work, such as replacing a battery.


1. No Power Via the Outlet

If your Dirt Devil worked fine last week but it won't even power on this week, check that it's plugged in properly. If the plug isn't pushed in all the way, it isn't making a solid electrical connection, which could stop it from turning on. There's also a chance the outlet itself isn't functioning properly. Try plugging the Dirt Devil into another outlet in a different part of the house and power it on again. If the Dirt Devil still isn't working, plug a different device, such as a nightlight, into the outlet and see if that device powers up.


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It's possible that any outlet not working or a series of outlets not working in a room means something tripped a circuit breaker, and the breaker needs to be reset. If your Dirt Devil's cord is damaged and shows exposed or broken wires, the vacuum cleaner is the issue. Don't use it again until its cord can be replaced.

2. Full Vacuum Cleaner or Filter

Vacuum cleaners all have some sort of collection bag or bin built into the device. If the Dirt Devil's collection area is full, there's nowhere for new vacuumed materials to go, so it may not pick up as well. Remove and empty the dirt collection bin or replace the bag if your Dirt Devil uses replaceable bags to collect debris.


Many Dirt Devils, especially the uprights, have a filter that may also clog over time. If the filter is completely covered with debris, it may stop the vacuum cleaner from functioning. Remove the filter and clean it as indicated in your model's owner's manual.

3. Something's Stuck Inside

Suction power requires a clear pathway so the vacuuming action works properly. Sometimes, vacuuming up a small object is enough to block the airflow into the device. Look into the suction end of the Dirt Devil to see if there's anything stuck there, such as a child's sock, a pet toy, or even a bunch of debris trapped around a button or toothpick wedged inside.


Check the brushes or rollers on an upright model to ensure they move freely, as any hair or materials wrapped around them may prevent the Dirt Devil from functioning properly. Rollers usually pop out for easy cleaning. If it's a hose attachment that isn't working properly, remove the hose and clear out whatever's stuck inside. Be sure to check the area where the hose attaches to the vacuum cleaner, as the blockage may be in that area.


4. It Needs to Cool Down

Some upright Dirt Devil vacuums have built-in protection when the device starts to overheat. If this happens, a thermal protector shuts down the vacuum cleaner, preventing its use until the motor cools. Resetting it requires unplugging the vacuum cleaner and letting it cool down for at least 30 minutes. If the Dirt Devil overheats at all, the problem may be due to blockages of the inlet, the filter, or the exhaust area.


5. Battery Isn't Charged

Dirt Devil cordless vacuum cleaners rely on a rechargeable battery instead of a cord that plugs into a wall. Charging takes up to six hours on some models, so if the battery needs a charge, the vacuum cleaner won't run for long if at all. Over time, the battery may lose its ability to hold a charge for long, and it may need to be replaced. In that case, Dirt Devil recommends contacting customer service. Some companies sell aftermarket replacement batteries, but it's best to see if your vacuum cleaner is under warranty or to at least check with customer service first.



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