My Home Is Cleaner and Healthier Thanks to This Cordless Vacuum

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For years, my husband and I have been fans of a certain British vacuum company that rhymes with "my son." Blame my British husband for being a loyalist to his country. But a few months ago, we began feeling like our vacuum wasn't cutting it anymore — it was clunky, difficult to use, and felt like it wasn't working the way it once was.


We turned to Samsung for a new option, trying out the Jet™ 90 Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum with Dual Charging Station. (Full disclosure: Samsung sent this product for me to try, free of charge, but this in no way influenced by opinion.) We were drawn to the idea of a more compact cordless vacuum, and we ended up loving it for a number of reasons:

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  • It's SO easy to use. Because the Jet 90 is fairly small and without lots of cordage, we now keep our vacuum in a corner of the kitchen. Simply hang the canister on the charging base (the battery life lasts for about an hour) when not in use, and easily pick it up at any time.
  • It's extremely lightweight, too. Only six pounds! I think my cat might weigh more.
  • It transforms into an even smaller, Dustbuster-like vacuum with the switch of an attachment — perfect if you have a pet, like us, and need to get hair and litter out of corners.
  • It can vacuum completely flat — meaning it's easy to get under beds and couches without switching to another attachment.
  • The brush is gentle enough that we feel comfortable using it on our velvet couch.

The ease of use has completely transformed how we clean our home. My husband now vacuums every day. Yes. Every. Damn. Day. And while that drives me crazy, I've noticed how much tidier our place is. Our new white rug has stayed fairly white. Our shelves are collecting less dust somehow. Our kitchen floors can go longer without a mopping. A month or so after we got our Jet 90, even our monthly cleaning professional noticed: "Have you had someone else in here to clean?" she asked.


One thing that should be particularly interesting to individuals with allergies or major asthma problems: The Jet 90 is compatible with Samsung's Clean Station, a device that allows you to empty the canister of your vacuum without releasing any dust or particles into the air.

Simply remove the canister from your vacuum, lock it into place on the Clean Station, and it whisks away the contents through an anti-dust emitting structure and a five-layer HEPA filtration system. We were initially pretty excited about this as my husband does suffer from asthma, however we realized that we empty our vacuum canister directly into our trash bins outside, so in the end, we felt like it was a bit of a waste of space to have another corner taken up by a device. That said, this could be brilliant for allergy-prone folks who live in more urban environments.


Here is the Clean Station in action:

All in all, I completely recommend the Jet 90 if you are looking for a lightweight and efficient vacuum that you can truly use on the daily. The only drawback to it is if you're doing an extended clean (taking the vacuum off its base for more than an hour), you'll want to make sure you have a backup battery handy and ready to go — but that should be no problem as the station allows you to charge two batteries at once.

Buy Now: Samsung Jet™ 90 Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum with Dual Charging Station, $649 and Samsung Clean Station, $199



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