How to Remove Sliding Windows

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How to Remove Sliding Windows. When washing windows, you may run in to a situation where you cannot access the window from the outside so you need to remove it. Whether the window is too high for you to reach or you have a stubborn screen that won't come off, knowing how to remove a sliding window will come in handy.

Step 1

Look at the window you want to remove. Check for and remove any security devices on the bottom window track that prevent removal.


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Step 2

Inspect the side rails of your window near the top to see if there are screws in it. If so, you'll need to loosen them. The screws are another security measure window installers sometimes put in to prevent someone from opening the panel.

Step 3

Check the top track of your window for a small rubber piece of material in the center of the track, where the sliding and stationary panels overlap when the window is closed. This is another step window installers take to prevent your windows from being opened. Pry the piece out with a screwdriver.


Step 4

Unlock the window.

Step 5

Slide the window open almost all the way and grab the sides of the panel with your hands.

Step 6

Lift up on the window, pushing the entire panel up into the top track.

Step 7

Swing the bottom of the panel out over the bottom track and then pull the panel down to remove it.



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