How to Remove Screens From Basement Slider Windows

The screens on your basement slider windows use spring clips to secure the screen to the window frame. Removing the basement slider window screens will require you to push the bottom of the screen out to release the screens from the window frame. You may have to bend the screen slightly to release the ends of the screen from the side window frame. No tools are necessary for screen removal.

Contractor working on window in new home
credit: David Sacks/Lifesize/Getty Images

Double Screens

Step 1

Slide open the left side window. Grasp the lower left corner of the screen with your finger tips, and push up on the screen to compress the retaining spring in the top of the screen.

Step 2

Push the bottom corner of the screen out slightly while grabbing the bottom right edge of the screen with your free hand. Push up on the screen, and push out the bottom of the screen at the same time.

Step 3

Push the bottom of the screen to the outside, and keep a grip on the screen. Once the screen is free from the frame, hold the screen at an angle. Bring the screen through the window opening and into the room.

Step 4

Close the left side window and open the right side window by sliding both windows to the left.

Step 5

Slide the right screen to the left 6 inches. Grasp the right edge of the screen, and push the screen up to compress the upper spring. Push out on the bottom of the screen, and remove the screen from the window.

Single Screen

Step 6

Slide both windows to the center of the opening.

Step 7

Lift up on the bottom of each end of the screen with your fingers to compress the top spring clips.

Step 8

Push the bottom of the screen out of the opening and maintain a grasp of the screen. The screen may bend slightly in the middle to clear the side of the window frame.

Step 9

Turn the screen at a 45-degree angle, and bring the screen inside through the window opening.