How to Clean a Range Hood Filter

Range hoods filter the grease and smoke produced when you cook. Exhaust from the range hood vents outside through a duct, or recirculates into the room after it has passed through a filter. A charcoal filter decreases smoke and odors associated with cooking, and is usually found only in the recirculating type of range hood. It is important to note that you cannot clean charcoal filters; they require replacement.

Regularly clean range hood filters for proper operation.

Step 1

Remove the filter from the range hood with a screwdriver or your fingers to release the mounting clips. Since there are many types of range hoods, methods to remove the filter may vary. Refer to the owner's manual for proper filter removal.

Step 2

Fill a sink or bucket with hot water. Add an ample amount of dish soap and vinegar. Mix the solution thoroughly.

Step 3

Place the filter into the solution. Allow the filter to soak for 20 minutes. Extremely dirty filters may require longer soaking time.

Step 4

Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the filter to remove grease buildup. Rinse the filter thoroughly before reinstalling.

Robert Ferguson

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