How to Connect a Filter & Pump for a Swimming Pool

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After the pool filter is up and running, check all the connections for leaks and tighten them if needed.

Install a pool pump and filter for clean pool water.

Owning a swimming pool can provide hours of refreshing summertime enjoyment. Part of owning a pool is keeping it clean. To maintain clean water you must install a pool filter and pump. The filter does the actual work of removing the dirt particles while the pump gets the water from the water to the filter. There are specific steps you must take to properly connect the pool filter and pump to your pool.


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Step 1

Place the pump and filter assembly on level ground next to the electric source. Make sure the pool filter and pump are on level ground because if the ground is not level, the filter assembly will vibrate. Too much vibration may loosen some of the internal parts of the filtration system and cause damage.

Step 2

Connect the pump to the filter housing. Apply plumbers tape at the point of connection to prevent leaking.

Step 3

Attach the hose from the filter's out spout to the pool's return port. If the hose is the screw-on type, apply plumbers tape at the connection points just as you did when connecting the filter housing and the pump. If the connection hose is the plastic slide-on type with a metal clamp, stick the open end of the hose in hot water for a few seconds and then insert it over the filter port. The hot water makes the hose more pliable and easier to push onto the port. Tighten the metal clamp over the hose connection.


Step 4

Connect the hose from the skimmer to the filter's pump basket. Use the same technique in connecting the skimmer/pump basket hose as you did when connecting the hose from the return to the filter's out port.

Step 5

Loosen the lid on the filter pump basket. This allows air to escape and water to flow into the pump. Once the pump basket is filled with water, tighten the lid. Most pool filter pumps are self priming but they cannot self prime unless the pump fills with water.

Step 6

Open the air valve on the pool filter. This allows the water to begin to flow into the pump filter housing.


Step 7

Plug in the pump and turn it on. As the water travels through the filter housing, it will eventually spray out of the air valve. As soon as the water reaches and begins to spray from the air valve, shut the valve.


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