How to Remove Handles From Grohe Sink Faucets

Grohe is the manufacturer of many different styles of bathroom and kitchen sink faucets. You may need to remove the handles from your faucet to replace them, or repair the faucet. Grohe faucet handles are secured like most other faucet handles. A screw fastens the handles to the valve stem, which makes removing them a simple procedure.

Step 1

Shut off the water supply to the Grohe faucet by turning the handles or knobs of the shutoff valves under the sink clockwise. If there are no shutoffs under the sink, use the main water shutoff for the house to shut off the water supply.

Step 2

Locate the button caps on the handles. On knob-style handles, the button caps are on top in the center of the handle. On lever-style handles, the button caps are on the ends of the levers. The button caps may be labeled "Hot" and "Cold," or simply with an "H" or a "C".

Step 3

Pry off the button caps with the edge of a standard screwdriver blade. Lift up around the entire circumference of the button caps with the screwdriver until they are detached from the handles.

Step 4

Unscrew the screws at the center of the handles using a Phillips screwdriver. Turn the screws counterclockwise to remove them completely. Pull off the handles once you have removed the screws.