How to Use Vegetable Oil for an O-Ring Lubricant

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O-rings are made of a number of substances including polyurethane, silicone, neoprene, nitrile rubber or fluorocarbon. The purpose or function of an O-ring is to provide a tight seal between two objects. You can find O-rings in a variety of products like water hoses, hydraulic cylinders, faucets and hummingbird feeders. It is important to apply vegetable oil to O-rings to keep them lubricated to maintain a tight seal and to keep them from drying out or rotting.


Step 1

Remove the O-ring. Some O-rings can be lifted out with your fingers while others need to be gently pried with a screwdriver.

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Step 2

Pour a small amount of vegetable oil in your palm or a small lid.

Step 3

Stick your finger in the oil and then apply the vegetable oil on the O-ring.

Step 4

Rub all areas of the O-ring with oil. Reapply once a month or as needed to keep the O-ring flexible.

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