How to Lubricate Single-Handle Faucets

If a single-handle faucet makes noise when it is operating or if it is hard to turn, it may need to be lubricated. Lubricating a single-handle faucet is not that hard to do and can save money over buying a new faucet or having a plumber out to do the same. The main parts of a single-handle faucet are the cartridge, a seat, a washer and a retaining clip which holds the cartridge in place. Lubricating the faucet involves all these parts.

Greasing a single-handle faucet like this one takes very little time.

Step 1

Turn off the water supply to the faucet by turning the shut offs under the sink all the way to the right. If there are no individual shut-offs under the sink then use the main water shut-off for the entire house.

Step 2

Loosen the Allen screw located at the base of the faucet handle and pull off the handle.

Step 3

Remove the washer that is directly under the handle.

Step 4

Remove the retaining clip that holds in the cartridge. A pair of needle-nose pliers should work well for this task.

Step 5

Pull the cartridge out with regular pliers. It may be stuck so it may take some pulling to get it out.

Step 6

Remove the round brass seat that is directly under the cartridge with the needle-nose pliers.

Step 7

Place grease into the hole and grease each part that was removed.

Step 8

Reassemble all the parts by reversing the process that you used to remove them. Turn on the water.