How to Remove a Stuck Water Hose Fitting

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Water hoses have a female fitting on one end that can become stuck. The most likely location for the fitting to become stuck is onto a faucet. Many hoses are attached to a faucet the entire summer. They can become stuck and may not be easy to remove in the fall. Removing a stuck water hose fitting is accomplished with only a couple of items in less than 30 minutes.

Step 1

Turn off the water to the faucet using the faucet handle. Discharge the water in the hose by squeezing the sprayer at the other end, if there is a sprayer attached. If there is no sprayer attached, the hose will not need discharging.


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Step 2

Spray the fitting with a penetrating catalyst. Ensure that the catalyst soaks the connection between the fitting and the faucet. Let the catalyst set for 20 minutes to loosen the fitting.

Step 3

Grasp the hose fitting with a pair of slip-joint pliers and hold it securely. Turn the fitting counterclockwise to loosen it. Keep turning the fitting until it can be removed by hand.

Step 4

Repeat the process if the fitting refuses to detach from the faucet. Eventually the fitting will unscrew.



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