Instructions for a Bionaire 22499 Steam Mop

Steam mops like the Bionaire 22499 create steam that's designed to disinfect and sanitize without the use of harsh chemicals that can aggravate allergies and be harmful to your health. The steam mop is marketed as safe to use on all hard surfaces and comes with two rectangular quilted cleaning pads and a shaggy duster. The included pads and duster are removable for regular cleaning in your washer and dryer. The Bionaire Steam Mop plugs into any typical household outlet and takes just moments to heat up and create steam.

Use a broom or vacuum to remove the loose dirt and hair from the floor before mopping.

Step 1

Vacuum the floor surface to remove all dust, hair and loose debris.

Step 2

Attach one of the rectangular, quilted cleaning pads that comes with the mop to the mop stick.

Use the regular tap water to fill the steam mop reservoir.

Step 3

Fill the mop reservoir tank with tap water and plug the steam mop into electrical plug-in. Give the mop a couple of minutes to heat up and produce steam.

Unlike a regular mop, the Bionaire Steam Mop does not required typical rinsing and wringing.

Step 4

Mop the floor in a forward and backward motion to activate the steaming component. Start mopping in the far corner of the room from the door and mop your way to the door, avoiding stepping on the newly mopped floor area.

The Bionaire cleaning pads and shaggy duster are reusable by cleaning in your washer and dryer.

Step 5

Remove the rectangular quilted cleaning pad when room floor is finished and the mop has been unplugged. Wash the cloth pad in the washing machine and dry thoroughly to prepare for next cleaning. To steam mop a sealed hardwood floor or laminate, use the included shaggy duster pad instead of the quilted cleaning pad.