How to Use a Hoover Steamvac Deluxe

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In-home carpet cleaners, such as the Hoover SteamVac, are commonly referred to as "steam cleaners," although their operation has nothing to do with steam. A better term would be "hot water extraction." This is precisely what appliances such as the Hoover SteamVac do to clean your carpet. Using the Hoover SteamVac can save you money year after year on professional carpet cleaning.


Step 1

Vacuum your carpet well before steam cleaning. If you don't vacuum first, the loose particles will become further embedded into the carpet.

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Step 2

Remove the SteamVac reservoir tank and unscrew the filler cap. Fill the tank with 5 ounces of Hoover carpet solution (use the provided measuring cup) and hot tap water. Fill the tank to the top indicator line.

Step 3

Remount the reservoir tank and plug in the SteamVac power cord. Start at one end of the room and work your way backwards to avoid stepping on wet carpet.

Step 4

Turn the SteamVac on, and squeeze the trigger to spray the cleaning solution. Push the SteamVac forward and back one time with the trigger squeezed.


Step 5

Release the trigger. Wait a few moments for the solution to absorb, and then push the SteamVac forward slowly to brush the carpet and extract the excess liquid.

Step 6

Pull the SteamVac back in the same manner. Repeat the process as needed, until the entire carpet is cleaned.

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