How to Eliminate Odors in an Old Mobile Home

Old mobile homes, especially those not lived in for a while, will build up odors over time that you may not even notice until they are overwhelming. Closed up, the mobile home is the perfect breeding ground for mold and even critters that may eventually die. The good news is that you can eliminate the odors in the old mobile home. It will take a lot of investigating and searching, but you can have it clean and fresh smelling in no time.

Investigate the Source

Step 1

Determine what is causing the odor. Your nose should be able to tell you if it is dust, mold, sewage or a dead animal. Knowing what the odor is will help you pinpoint where to start looking. Dead animals can easily be removed and sewage pipes can be repaired.

Step 2

Open all windows and doors you can. Put a fan near an open window or door to blow the odor out. Circulating fresh air will help you breathe easier as you conduct your search.

Step 3

Smelling mold is a sure sign that there is a buildup of moisture somewhere. Check under all of the cabinets, inside the closets and under the carpets. To check the carpets thoroughly, crawl around and feel the carpet. Pay special attention in corners and along baseboards. Pull the carpet up at the corners and check underneath for moisture and mold.

Step 4

Follow the odor scent to its source, if possible. The odors of dead animals or broken sewage pipes will be easy to follow back to their source. Other, all-over odors, may take longer to determine, but you can not eliminate the odor in your mobile home until you discover its source. Covering it up with sprays does only that--mask the odor for a short time.

Eliminating the Odor in Your Old Mobile Home

Step 5

Finding the source of the odor is half of the battle. Wash all of the walls down with a vegetable oil based soap. This will clean up any dirt, dust, cigarette smoke or mildew. It will also give you a fresh smelling room to work in.

Step 6

Removing mold can only be done by removing the source. If there is mold or mildew under the cabinets or the carpet, it will be necessary to remove the carpet or cabinet floors. Even if you dry out the carpet or cabinet, there is a chance the mold will remain.

Step 7

Spreading lime under the old mobile home will eliminate musty, moldy odors that are seeping up from the ground. Crawl under the home and check to see if there is moisture, which may come from leaking pipes or inadequate ventilation. Add vents to the mobile home skirting to allow for air flow. Replace any leaking pipes.

Step 8

Removing built-up odors that have no direct source can be done by shampooing carpets, washing windows and giving the old mobile home a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. To absorb odors in the air, set bowls of cat litter in all of the rooms. Leave them overnight, or for several days, if the odor persists.

Step 9

Fill an old knee-high stocking with a cup of baking soda, cat litter or several charcoal briquettes. Tie the knee-high shut and hang it in closet corners or toss it under cabinets and beds. The baking soda, litter or charcoal will absorb the odors, and you can just toss it in the trash when the odor is gone.