How to Adjust Baseboard Heaters

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Water filled baseboard heaters have a control that regulates temperature.

Baseboard radiator heaters mount to the baseboards along the bottom edges of a room where the wall meets the floor. Water filled radiator heaters have a control that allows the increase or decrease of water flow through the radiator. The increased flow of water helps to increase the temperature heat emanating from the radiator. Decreasing the flow decreases the temperature. The process of adjusting these baseboard heaters is straightforward.


Step 1

Locate the end-cap covers on the heater on the end of the heater where the water in-let pipe mounts. In most cases, the covers simply snap onto the heaters. In others, you must remove a screw with a screwdriver before pulling the cover off.

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Step 2

Locate the water flow control valve under the end-cap. In most cases, the control valve has a nut on it. In some cases, you will locate a dial.


Step 3

Turn the clockwise to increase the flow of water or counterclockwise to decrease the flow of water. In most cases, you need a wrench to turn the valve. If the valve has a knob on it, you can use your fingers to turn it.

Step 4

Place the cover back onto the heater and secure it with the screw if applicable.



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