Instructions for a Kenwood Oil-filled Electric Heater

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Oil-filled heaters, like Kenwood oil-filled heaters, are radiator-type heaters. An electric current heats oil stored in the heater's radiator fins, and the fins provide a consistent source of heat. Oil-filled heaters are more economical to use than forced-air electric heaters with fans, and they are safer, since the radiators don't get as hot as the heating elements in the fans. Kenwood oil-filled heaters are sold under other brand names as well, so if you know how to use the Kenwood heater you'll be well-equipped to use other models.


Step 1

Place the heater in a location that is away from regular foot traffic, but at least 3 feet away from curtains, draperies or other flammable materials. Don't place the heater near any combustible materials or liquids.

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Step 2

Set the power switches to the "Off" position.


Step 3

Plug the power cord of the Kenwood into a 110-volt electric outlet. Position the cord so that it's not in the way of regular foot traffic, and do not cover the cord with a rug, runner or carpet.

Step 4

Turn the heater on to "Low," "Medium" or "High." There are two power switches on the heater, one marked "Low" and one "Medium." Set these individually for low or medium heat, and turn both on for the high setting.


Step 5

Rotate the thermostat dial to set the heater for desired heat setting you want.

Step 6

When you're not using the heater for an extended period, turn the power switches to "Off" and unplug the heater.

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