How to Remove a Moen Kitchen Faucet Diverter

Moen kitchen faucets with a side sprayer have a diverter to distribute the water to the sprayer. When the sprayer is not getting enough water pressure, the diverter requires cleaning or replacement. Sediment builds up within the diverter, causing the water pressure to drop in the sprayer. Removing a Moen kitchen faucet diverter depends on what type of faucet you own. The diverter in a two-handle faucet resembles a faucet cartridge. Single-handle faucet diverters are much smaller and attach through the front of the diverter housing.

Faucet and sink in contemporary home kitchen
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Single-Handle Faucet

Step 1

Turn off the water supply to the kitchen sink faucet. Turn on the faucet and allow the residual water to drain from the line.

Step 2

Remove the screw securing the faucet handle with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the faucet handle off the top of the spout. Turn the sleeve between the spout and the handle counterclockwise, and lift the sleeve away from the faucet assembly.

Step 3

Turn the nut securing the spout housing to the faucet counterclockwise with slip joint pliers. Remove the clip securing the faucet cartridge inside the body of the faucet. The clip is usually toward the front of the faucet. Pull the clip out with needle-nose pliers.

Step 4

Pull the faucet cartridge out of the faucet with pliers. Lift the spout assembly off of the faucet.

Step 5

Locate the small, round diverter ring on the side of the diverter housing. The cartridge sits inside the diverter housing. Turn the white ring counterclockwise with needle-nose pliers, and pull the diverter out of the diverter housing.

Double-Handle Faucet

Step 1

Pry the cap off the top of the spout housing with a screwdriver. Twist the ring on top of the spout housing counterclockwise with your finger, and remove the securing ring.

Step 2

Lift the spout assembly off of the faucet. Remove the nut securing the diverter to the faucet housing with slip joint pliers.

Step 3

Grab the top of the diverter assembly with pliers, and pull the diverter straight out of the housing.