How to Get Rid of Water Behind a Pool Liner in an Inground Pool

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Things You'll Need

  • Butter knife

  • Boiling water

Getting rid of water from behind pool vinyl requires some strength

When water becomes trapped behind an inground pool liner it can cause serious problems. The liner can begin to float at the top of the water and eventually tear. Mold and mildew can build up and cause unhealthy swimming conditions. Remove water trapped behind a pool liner as soon as possible to lessen the amount of time and money spent on repairs later on. The more the vinyl becomes detached the more you will have to reposition it. This in itself can cause wear and tear as well as wrinkles.


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Step 1

Acquire a submersible pump with a rubber bottom. These can be purchased or rented from home supply stores. Make sure the pump comes complete with a long, thick hose. Attach the hose at the base of the pump where the spout attachment is located. Lower the pump into the pool until it rests at the bottom. There should be locks you can utilize to lock it in place. Position the end of the hose as far from the pool as possible to ensure the water is not absorbed by the ground near the pool. Turn on the pump by plugging it in. Remove water until the pool is at least 3 feet below the area where the liner lays in the track.


Step 2

Pull the liner out of the track with the assistance of a butter knife. Gently, insert the butter knife between the liner and the track and dislodge it by pulling toward yourself. Pull no more then 3 feet of lining out of the track. If your pools lining has already come out of the track you can skip this part.


Step 3

Buy a small pump from your local pool or home supply store for around $40. Lubricate the pump with the oil that comes with it. If none, you can substitute the oil for regular vegetable oil. The pump should require around 1 tablespoon of oil. Follow the directions supplied with the pump to add the oil correctly. You can use a shop vac as a pump substitute.


Step 4

Connect one end of the hose that came with the pump to the pump itself.

Step 5

Insert the other end into the water behind trapped between the wall and the vinyl.

Step 6

Plug the pump in to turn it on. Remove as much of the water from behind the vinyl as you can, all the while ensuring that the hose stays submersed.


Step 7

Drop a towel between the lining and the vinyl to absorb as much water as possible.

Step 8

Remove the towel and drain it as far from the pool as possible. Repeat this step until you can no longer see water between the vinyl and the wall. Any water left, should seep down into the ground below the pool


Step 9

Boil some water on the stove. Carefully, pour the water onto the vinyl in the area that was removed from the track.

Step 10

Stretch the vinyl back up into the track. Be gentle and take your time with this step to ensure you do not rip the vinyl.


Step 11

Press the top part of the vinyl back into the track. Ensure that the lip of the vinyl stretches over and seats on the other side of the lip of the track. This will require some strength in pulling.

Step 12

Pull downward on the vinyl, once in place, to ensure that it is seated well enough it won’t come back out. Purchase lock bead online and press it in between the space of the vinyl and the track if the vinyl does not stay in place.

Step 13

Replace the water in the pool until the level reaches the halfway point of your pool skimmers.