How to Add Chemicals to a Well Water Filled Pool

It is not uncommon for a swimming pool to be filled with well water, because this is the primary source of water for people who live beyond city limits. The only concern with using well water in a pool is the high amount of metals that the water contains. Minerals such as iron, magnesium and calcium can cause your pool water to appear cloudy, yellow or even brown. Eliminate this problem by adding the proper pool chemicals to your water.

Add the appropriate chemicals to a well-water filled pool.

Step 1

Dip a four-way test strip into your pool water for three to four minutes.

Step 2

Pull the test strip from the pool water and immediately read the results. It will show the pH, "free chlorine" and alkalinity of your pool water.

Step 3

Adjust the pH of your pool water according to the test strip results. Increase the pH of the water by sprinkling the appropriate amount of soda ash directly into your pool. Decrease your water's pH level by mixing the appropriate amount of muriatic acid with 10 parts of water and pouring the mixture along the inside edge of your pool.

Step 4

Adjust the pool water alkalinity according to the pool test strip results. Increase it by simply adding the appropriate amount of sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda. Decrease the alkalinity of the water by mixing the appropriate amount of muriatic acid with water and carefully pouring it around the edge of the swimming pool.

Step 5

Adjust the "free chlorine" level of your pool water according to the results from the pool test strip. Raise the level of "free chlorine" by adding the appropriate amount of chlorine to a bucket of water, and pouring it directly into your pool water. Reduce the amount of "free chlorine" in your water by sprinkling a granular chlorine neutralizer into the water--6 oz. of neutralizer for every 10,000 gallons of pool water.

Step 6

Add a sequestering, or chelating agent, to your pool water to help clump the metals together.

Step 7

Remove the clumps of metals from your pool with a pool vacuum.