How to Repair Levolor Blinds

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Things You'll Need

  • Screw driver

  • Glue

Levolor blinds last for a long time when they're maintained and cared for properly. Sometimes the blinds break due to improper use, or they may break due to rare defects in the blinds. Faulty installation can also cause problems. Fortunately, if you can locate the problem, then usually you can fix it. Make sure you check each part of the Levolor blinds before you attempt to fix them, otherwise you may further damage the blinds.

Diagnose the Problem

Step 1

Raise the shades. Most Levolor blinds have a cord system. Make sure you raise the shades at an angle inward. Never pull the cord outside of the window frame, since this can wear out the cord system. Notice if the blinds catch at any point. Lower them. Check for unevenness, such as one side raising higher than the other. The shade should lower and raise evenly.

Step 2

Look at the blinds themselves. If you have Levolor cellular blinds, check for sticking. If you have the Levolor metal or wood slats or vinyl blinds, check for broken pieces. Look for crooked or tangled slats. The slats should lie evenly across the horizontal part of the blinds. You may notice a metal slat is front-side up on the right side and bottom-side up on the left side.

Step 3

Inspect the cord or wand. A cord may tangle. If it's a multi-thread cord, the individual threads might be stuck. If you have a wand system, make sure the wand is connected to the head rail. Look at the underside of the head rail where the blinds connect. See if the wand system catches at any point or gets stuck when you turn it.

Step 4

Examine the installation brackets. They hold the head rail in place and should be installed securely in the wall mount. Look for any place where the head rail is not firm in the brackets. Note any bracket that's loose in the wall.

Repair the Blinds

Step 1

Straighten any slats that are crooked or tangled. Smooth out cellular blinds. Make sure the cord or wand is not in the way or tangled in the blinds. Remove anything that's interfering with raising and lowering the blinds.

Step 2

Fix the cord or wand system. Straighten or untangle the cord. Reattach the wand if it's fallen off. There's a hook that keeps the wand intact.

Step 3

Secure the head rail if it's out of place. Tighten any loose screws, then snap the head rail back in place. Make sure it's held in under the lip of the installation brackets.


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