How to Keep Area Rugs From Bunching or Slipping on Carpets

Keeping an area rug in place can be difficult when it sits atop a carpet. Even walking across the rug may move it out of place or cause the rug to wrinkle and warp. Vacuuming becomes a battle to prevent the vacuum cleaner from devouring the rug. Specialty rug pads and tapes keep that rug in place without harming either the rug or the carpet.

Slip-Free Pads

Rug pads designed specifically to stop the slip help keep the area rug in place, whether it's placed on a hardwood floor or on carpeting. This type of pad has rubber on one side and fiber on the other. Unroll the pad and cut it the same size as the rug. Smooth the fiber-side down atop the carpet, with the rubber side touching the rug.

Specialty Tapes

Rug "grip" tapes stick the rug to the carpet without leaving adhesive behind on either surface. This specialty product allows you to reposition the rug whenever you like. This tape looks a bit like gauze; to use it, vacuum the rug thoroughly, and place the rug in the desired location. Fold one end of the rug back on top of itself; then adhere a piece of the grip tape to the carpet in the area where the edge of the carpet normally rests. Cut the tape to size with scissors. Move the rug aside; add more strips of tape, spaced 1 to 2 feet apart, until you have enough to hold down the entire rug. Peel off the backing from the top of the tape, and rest the rug upon it, smoothing your hands over the rug to secure it to the tape. Tape even helps keep lightweight rugs in place while vacuuming, while a pad will not, unless it is an adhesive pad.