How to Unclog the Drain Plug on Maytag Refrigerators

If you have water accumulating on the ceiling of your Maytag refrigerator or dripping inside the interior, you may have a clogged drain plug in your freezer section. This will cause water to leak between the refrigerator and the freezer divider during the defrost cycle and cause excess condensation to form inside your refrigerator. Normally, this condensation is sent to your drain pan, but if the line is plugged it can end up causing a mess. Unclogging the drain plug in your freezer may help rid you of this problem.

Step 1

Disconnect your Maytag refrigerator from the power supply by unplugging it. Remove your icemaker (if you have one) by unscrewing the two screws located on the top cabinet of the icemaker and the third located on the bottom.

Step 2

Disconnect the terminal plug on the icemaker from the freezer and remove it.

Step 3

Remove the two screws on the bottom panel and the remaining screws (between 2 to 6) that hold the back panel in place over the freezer fan mount. Disconnect any fan wiring carefully, and remove the back panel.

Step 4

Use a hair dryer to melt any ice that has formed on the freezer bottom and beneath the evaporator coil; dry excess water from the area with a small towel. This should reveal the drain hole.

Step 5

Use a small-tipped screwdriver or a thick metal wire to help remove any built-up ice from inside the drain hole. Run very hot water through the drain hole until it runs clearly into the drain pain.

Step 6

Replace freezer parts in reverse order, and plug in your Maytag refrigerator.