Noises From the Sink

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Your sink drain makes plenty of noises.
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Plumbing noises typically center around sounds from your pipes. However, sinks make several loud noises, and some signal the need for repairs. If you have a drain pipe noise problem, take some time to care for the drain before the issue becomes more complicated and costly. Simple repairs prevent unexpected problems, like severe clogs, which may require extensive maintenance and added costs.


Gurgling Sounds from the Sink

A gurgling sound in your sink drain signals a bad vent in the drain system. Vents ensure water flows through the drain evenly to assist in drainage. As water flows through the drain, some air exchange occurs, so if no air or not enough air enters the drain, a gurgling or sucking sound is the result. This vent is a one-way valve, so air does not escape back out through the drain. Replacing vents requires the assistance of a plumber or professional.


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Blocked Drain Lines

If drain lines clog or become partially blocked, the sink makes noises that range from gurgling to bubbling sounds. If the drain line is blocked, the water will drain very slowly. Also, all drains connected to the clogged drain line will drain slow. If your kitchen, bath and shower drains are very slow and make gurgling or glubbing sounds, the problem probably arises from your home's main drain lines, which also requires professional attention by a certified plumber.


Air Noises from the Sink

An air noise coming from your sink may indicate that it is clogged. A clogged sink will make a sucking sound or bubbling sounds as it drains. This problem is fairly easy to diagnose and fix. If your drain suddenly starts making odd sucking noises or gurgles loudly, and just that particular drain is slow, there is a clog or partial clog inside your drain trap. Unscrew the drain trap from the base of the sink and carefully remove it. Inspect the trap for a clog and clear away all debris before reconnecting the trap to the sink basin.


Dripping Sound in Sink Drain

If your drain makes a dripping sound or a sound like running water inside the pipes, the problem is a leak from one or more appliances or fixtures. When the appliance leaks, the water is dripping down into the drain line causing this sound. Repairing the fixture itself is the only way to stop the leak. Inspect all the appliances and their supply lines to find the offending fixture and replace it.


Banging Noises from the Sink

If your sink makes a banging noise, it could indicate a problem with the water pressure or water flow, which are usually caused by water hammers and trapped air bubbles. When a faucet or valve is quickly turned off, the momentum from the water that was rushing toward it can run into the closed valve and result in a loud banging sound. Trapped air bubbles can also lead to banging noises, but this happens most often when you first turn the faucet on, rather than when you shut it off. Ongoing banging noises from the sink are best addressed by a professional.



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