How to Repair a Clogged Drain in an Amana Refrigerator

How to Repair a Clogged Drain in an Amana Refrigerator. Often the frost free drain on an Amana refrigerator clogs with ice. Solve this by cleaning out the drain. There are two drains on most refrigerators; one in the freezer and one at the base of the refrigerator. If you have water underneath your crisper drawers each day, or in a small puddle on the floor, chances are you've got a clog.

Step 1

Start with the freezer drain located at the back bottom corner on the inside of your freezer. Visible ice around the area means you have a clog.

Step 2

Chip away any standing ice from the drain with an ice pick or knife.

Step 3

Take a cup of warm water and gently pour down through the drain. Do this several times until water begins to run down into the drip pan underneath your refrigerator.

Step 4

Pull your unit away from the wall if you still don't get any water to come through after several attempts. You may have a larger ice block somewhere down the line.

Step 5

Use a blow dryer to gently warm the condensation tube that runs down the back of the unit and into the drain pan underneath the refrigerator. Put gentle pressure on the tube with your fingers to see if the ice is melting and beginning to loosen.

Step 6

Pour another cup of warm water into the drain in the freezer and see if the clog is clear. You may get a lot of water overflow from your drain pan after melting a large clog. This is normal.