How to Repair EdenPURE Heaters

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EdenPURE heaters provide an energy-efficient boost of heat for chilly rooms, unheated basements and attics. Fixing a faulty EdenPURE product at home is a practical way of saving money. Calling a technician or having the product repaired professionally is often expensive, especially if the heater's warranty has expired and the problem turns out to have a simple fix. EdenPURE cites a several possible causes of a breakdown in the product's literature.


Step 1

Leave the unit unplugged for roughly 30 minutes if it appears unresponsive or repeatedly powers down. EdenPURE heaters are equipped with a thermal fuse that automatically shuts off the power if it detects abnormally high temperatures. Placing furniture or other large items in front of the heater commonly causes the problem. Plug the unit back after 30 minutes and the obstruction is clear.

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Step 2

Switch off the heater. Open the vent door at the unit's back below the power cord by hand and remove the washable filter screen. The filter stops airborne dust entering the heater. When it becomes clogged, the power output from the unit drops. Wash the filter with warm soapy water and a gentle cloth. Let it completely dry before placing it back in the appliance.


Step 3

Confirm the heater is plugged directly in to a grounded outlet without an extension cord. If you must use an extension cord, EdenPURE advises the cables must be Number 14 AWG, rated for greater than 1,875 watts. The cord must also be grounded. Using an unsuitable extension cord could cause the unit to work intermittently and poses a fire risk.

Step 4

Replace the quartz heating element inside the heater. Designed to last roughly 20,000 hours, only an authorized technician should replace the elements. Each unit comes with a 1-year warranty that covers premature element failure.

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