How to Clean the Presto HeatDish

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The Presto HeatDish is a parabolic electric heater designed to warm up people and objects directly rather than an entire room. The heater's interior parabolic reflector works like a small satellite dish, directing the heat in a beam toward the person it is facing. Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential in keep the Presto HeatDish working efficiently.

Step 1

Ensure the heater is turned off, unplugged and completely cool before cleaning. Never spray or pour cleaners or liquids on or in the heater and never submerge any part of the unit in water.


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Step 2

Dampen a soft, lint-free cloth with a mild detergent mixture to clean the exterior of the heater. Avoid harsh and abrasive cleaners, which can damage the heater's finish.

Step 3

Remove dust from inside the interior reflector by placing the unit on its back and inserting a soft, lint-free cloth through the grille. Use the handle of a long wooden spoon or something similar to move the cloth around inside the unit to remove dust. Remove dust from the heater regularly because dust accumulation on the interior parabolic reflector can cause the unit to overheat.



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