How to Reset a Pellet Stove

A pellet stove can be turned off either by allowing the stove to run out of pellets, or by pressing the on/off button. In addition, the control panel monitors combustion and will shut the stove down if it detects problems. Combustion problems are almost always related to poor cleaning-type maintenance issues. Once you’ve corrected the problems, you can reset the control panel and restart the stove.

Step 1

Monitor the status panel and burned pellets. If you notice partially burned pellets and the status light blinking a number of times--six in the case of a Harman stove--the combustion is poor or incomplete. The stove will shut down, and the control panel must be reset and the stove restarted.

Step 2

Identify and clear the problem. Look for a blocked flue, a blocked air inlet, excessive ash in the air chamber under the burn pot, holes in the burn pot getting filled with ash or carbon and dirty fan blades. Clean the stove thoroughly, using a scraper on the burn pot.

Step 3

Reset the control panel by turning the stove off, then on again.

Step 4

Start the fire. Set the ignitor switch to the “Automatic” position (as opposed to “Manual” where you need to add starter gel.) Turn the Mode selector to “Off;” fill the hopper with pellets; turn the feed adjuster to a mid-range setting, like 4; turn the temperature dial to a position; and turn the Mode Selector to either "Room Temperature" or "Stove Temperature". The stove will restart.

Patrick Nelson

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