How to Troubleshoot Enviro Pellet Stoves

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A handful of issues can cause Enviro Empress pellet stove problems as well as problems with other Enviro pellet stove models.
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Is your Enviro heater not working? A handful of issues can cause Enviro Empress pellet stove problems as well as problems with other Enviro pellet stove models. If your pellet stove fails to heat, this is actually a safety feature to prevent the pellet stove from overheating. But sometimes other components wear out or work improperly, requiring the stove to be serviced by a qualified technician to bring it back to full functionality.


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Troubleshooting the Stove

Enviro does not recommend that you attempt do-it-yourself electrical repairs on any of its stoves due to the risk of electrical shock. Attempting those repairs on your own may also waive your warranty. However, you can certainly troubleshoot your stove to get an idea of what kind of a problem you're dealing with. Some of the Enviro pellet stove error codes have very simple fixes that you can perform on your own, and understanding what those error codes mean can help you stay safe and enjoy your pellet stove to the fullest.


If Your Stove Won't Start

If nothing happens when you press the on/off button or the stove doesn't start heating, first check to make sure that the stove is plugged in all the way. You can also plug the stove into a different wall outlet or check to make sure a fuse has not blown. Next, if thermostat mode is on, make sure the thermostat is turned up enough to cause the heat cycle to begin; raising the temperature on the thermostat a couple of degrees should suffice.


If you're still having no luck getting the stove to function, check to make sure the doors to the ash pan and the stove itself are firmly shut. As a safety precaution, the stove won't start heating until both of these doors are closed tightly. Likewise, ensure the burn pot liner is locked into place, lines up with the igniter tube (pull the igniter tube toward the burn pot liner to verify) and has no obstruction in its holes.


Finally, if the third light is blinking, this signals that the Enviro pellet stove needs more fuel before it will start. If the stove still won't work even after you add more fuel, you'll need to talk to a technician. Something electrical is likely affecting the igniter, blower or fuse.


Stove Won't Stay Hot

If your Enviro pellet stove starts to get hot but won't stay hot, the issue is likely due to an ineffective amount of air coming in through the damper. The key is to strike a balance between too much and too little air in relation to the amount of fuel in the hopper. Too much air causes the fuel to burn too quickly, and too little air causes a buildup of smoke. This compounds the problem by preventing further airflow, and the fuel will not get hot enough to effectively put out heat.


So, start by adjusting the air damper or air combustion trim setting. If that doesn't work, take a look at the combustion blower to ensure its motor turns. Even if the motor turns, it may not turn at the proper speed to create the vacuum that brings air into the combustion chamber. The agitator should also be checked to ensure it can turn. If the agitator and the motor turn as they should and the damper settings can't be equalized, there may be too much negative pressure to allow air to flow into the stove. Try opening a window in the room for a few minutes.


The other two factors that can affect the stove's inability to stay hot include the exhaust temperature sensor and the fuel. The exhaust temperature sensor may fail to work if the stove needs cleaning. Otherwise, a technician will need to examine the wiring for the sensor and possibly replace it. Finally, the fix could be as simple as switching to a higher-quality fuel that burns better and hotter than what you are currently using.


Fire/Stove Won't Stay On

Not burning hot is one thing but failing to stay on is another. If your fuel seems to ignite just fine but there's still a lot of fresh fuel in the hopper by the time the fire goes out, then the fire is going out before the stove tells it to. First, make sure you aren't allowing too much air to come in by decreasing the air combustion trim setting. Next, increase the auger setting by one level, and then try increasing the heat level (remember that if you're using a high-quality fuel, you won't need to increase the heat level as much as with a poor-quality fuel).

If the fuel seems partially burnt, then the fire is burning fine but the stove is kicking off too soon. The protocol is almost the same: decrease the air combustion trim and increase the heat level. In addition, inspect the stove to verify that it's clean, and clean it thoroughly if needed. If none of these tricks help the stove stay on, a technician will need to come take a look.

Enviro Pellet Stove Error Codes

The lights on your Enviro pellet stove can help with your troubleshooting. Because the circuit boards are similar but not identical on pellet stoves, consult your owner's manual (which you can often find online if you've misplaced your hard copy) to verify what error codes are for your stove, especially if it is not an Enviro brand or is an older model. With that said, the common Enviro pellet stove error codes include the following:

  • The second light flashes: the stove's air intake is affected by either a combustion fan motor failure, a door that isn't closed tightly, negative air pressure in the room or a dirty stove.
  • The third light flashes: a fire can't be detected in the stove due to either an exhaust temperature sensor failure, a problem with the igniter or a lack of fuel in the hopper.
  • The fourth light flashes: the high limit temperature sensor has been triggered, shutting off the stove due to excessive heat (200 degrees Fahrenheit or 93 degrees Celsius). This problem can occur due to circuit board or convection blower failure.

When to Call a Technician

Service technicians have valuable training for troubleshooting electrical problems, and it's wise to call one if you run into problems with your pellet stove that you can't fix just by adjusting the fuel or basic settings. They also can access and make sense of a service manual that walks them through procedures to extensively troubleshoot your stove.

So, call an Enviro tech or installer if you end up with an auger that won't turn, an igniter that won't light or an agitator that won't turn. Also, if you run into a deadend while trying any of the above procedures to address an error code or to get your stove working, staying hot or staying lit, ask a professional for help.

Pellet stoves can help you save money on your energy bills while providing efficient and environmentally responsible heat for your home, but only when they work properly. Understanding how to troubleshoot your pellet stove can help you take full advantage of their benefits, but don't be afraid to seek out a qualified technician for assistance.