Why Does My Kenmore Stove Keep Beeping?

Most Kenmore ranges have an electronic display panel showing the time of day, the cooking function and timer countdown. The oven will also beep when a cooking selection is made, the oven reaches a preheat temperature and the timer is complete. If the Kenmore oven keeps beeping, however, it may indicate there is a problem.

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Programmed Cook Time

When the Kenmore oven is set for a specific cook time, the oven will beep when the cook time is complete. The oven will continue to beep three times every 30 seconds to notify users that the cooking is finished until "Stop" is pressed to turn off the timer. Remember to press "Cancel/Off" to turn off the oven when cooking is done.

Convection Cooking

Some Kenmore ovens have a convection cooking feature, which can also convert traditional cooking recipes to the corresponding convection cooking temperature and time. The display will change to "CF" after the bake time has reached 75 percent of the original cooking time and then will begin to beep one time in regular intervals until the cook time is complete. Push "Stop" to turn off the convection cooking feature.

Error Code

If the Kenmore oven flashes an error code and beeps regularly, a problem has happened. The display will show an error code with a letter and a number, such as F2. Touch "Stop" to clear the code and stop the beeping sound, then reprogram the range. You may need to turn off power to the unit for five minutes to clear the error. Touch "Stop" again if the error code appears after reprogramming and call Kenmore.

Service Needed

When the Kenmore oven is beeping regularly and there is no error code, a major fault has occurred. For instance, the control board may be defective. Disconnect the power to the range and call Kenmore for service if you cannot determine the source of the beeping and there is no error code.

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