My Bosch Oven Door Is Not Closing All the Way

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You should be able to easily troubleshoot and fix your oven door if it is not closing all the way.
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If the door on a Bosch oven will not fully close, the oven will leak heat if it is used. Not only will this increase the temperature near the oven, but it will prevent it from maintaining a consistent cooking temperature. And if a bottom Bosch warming drawer won't close, it could present a trip hazard.

For the most part, the consumer should be able to fix these issues with relative ease. Despite the wide range of oven models, the doors function nearly identically throughout Bosch's oven line.

Contact an authorized Bosch repair service if simple troubleshooting doesn't fix the problem. In this case, there may be a structural issue with the oven or the door, and the average consumer will most likely not be able to fix this on his own.

Bosch Oven Door Won't Close

A common issue you may encounter if the main Bosch oven door won't close or if you have a Bosch warming drawer stuck is because something is lodged in the door, which causes the oven door to jam. A cooking utensil, piece of food or other object may have fallen into the oven door hinge, preventing it from fully closing. In most cases, the object would have to be sizable to be able to hamper the door.

Examine the area between the door and oven for any objects that could keep the door from closing. It is unlikely for the door to become jammed by an object you could not easily see through close examination.

The Door is Locked Open

Some, but not all, Bosch oven doors have manual locks. The locks are not very elaborate mechanisms. The lever on the door pushes a piece of metal back and forth. Another piece on the oven itself prevents the oven door from moving when the lock is engaged.

The lock can be engaged while the oven door is open. The same piece that prevents the oven door from opening when locked also prevents it from closing. If the door seems to move fine but abruptly stops right before closing, then it is likely the manual lock is engaged.

Door Hinges Not Set

The oven doors on Bosch ovens are made to be removable. The hinges have levers that lock or unlock them from the oven. If the levers are not fully engaged, then the door will not open and close properly. It is difficult to predict how the door would function since it depends on the size of the door and how far the levers are engaged.

Fully open the door and look at the hinges. The lever should be flush with the surface of the door. If it is not, then the hinges are loose. Push the lever fully down to properly set the hinges.

The Door is Crooked

Another issue that can arise from the door being removable is that it can be installed crooked. The hinges can potentially be fully set, even if the door is crooked. If the door is placed into the oven crooked, then it cannot go through the correct range of motion to close.

If the hinges are fully locked in place, the oven door is most likely off by just enough to prevent it from fully closing. Removing the door completely and putting it back in straight is the only way to solve this problem.

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