How to Troubleshoot a Frigidaire Oven Door That Will Not Close All the Way

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You might have to do some cleaning to help fix your oven door.
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When your Frigidaire oven door is not closing all the way, shutters to a close or no longer aligns with the frame of the main body of the appliance, it may require a bit of cleaning and/or small repair.


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Hinges that have slipped from the housing, mounds of greasy buildup or a rubber gasket that has had better days can each contribute to a door not completely closing. A poorly sealed door can lose heat, which can affect the taste and cooking times of items that are baked or roasted inside the appliance.

Check the Oven Door Hinges

A problem with hinges makes itself known fairly quickly. The oven door will squeak or it may shutter as you work to open and close the heavy fixture. Before working on the oven door, make sure that the appliance has had time to cool down.


A Frigidaire oven door hinge adjustment can put a wonky door back in its proper and good-working position. If the hinges are caked with crumbs and grease, give them a good scrubbing with a nylon brush and warm, sudsy water. This is one area where steel wool can be used around the metal hinges, according to Molly Maid, but be careful to not scratch the appliance's painted surface.

Unplug the appliance if you will be removing the oven door to be safe. To replace the oven door, pull it open horizontally and locate the clips that hold the hinges to the door. Raise the door 3/4 of the way closed so it looks ajar, and then lift the door upward and away from the hinges. Unscrew the hinges and install new ones that no longer squeak.


Door Gasket Removal or Repair

The gasket's main purpose is to keep the heat that builds in the oven within the appliance. The heat-resistant cloth is strong enough to stand up to the heat, but soft enough to form a good seal.

The oven door gasket wraps around the inside of the door and can get covered with bits of food and greasy spills from saucy dishes as they make their way in and out of the appliance. This can affect the seal and even cause the door to be ajar if the buildup is particularly bad.


Fleet Appliance notes that most models of ovens have a gasket that can be removed at the ends that meet at the bottom of the door. Use a screwdriver to lift the gasket from the clips that run the length of the seal. Clean the area well with warm, sudsy water and a soft nylon brush before installing a new gasket into the clips, starting at the ends.

Frigidaire Oven Door Repair

After troubleshooting and repairing any damaged parts on the oven door, it should open and shut without a peep and create a solid seal. If the oven door continues to make noise or not close completely for a good seal that keeps the heat inside, then it may be time to call a professional. Replacing the oven door can be an option or there may be something wrong with the oven itself that is causing the door not to shut properly. A professional can pinpoint any underlying issues when they perform the Frigidaire oven door repair.


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