Since 1959, Italian company Glem Gas S.p.A. has produced a wide variety of residential and commercial cooking appliances including the Emilia brand of electric and gas ovens. Whether you prefer gas heat to cook with because it allows food to retain moisture, it heats faster or it creates an even distribution of heat, Glem Gas S.p.A. has made the Emilia brand gas oven burners and oven cavities easy to operate.


Step 1

Ignite the flame for one of your burners to use the stove top. If you have an electronic ignition model, place all burner control knobs in the OFF position, lightly push the ignition button, pull out the control knob for the burner that you want to use and turn it counterclockwise until you reach the desired flame level. If you have an automatic ignition model, pull out the control knob and turn it counterclockwise for a flame; no ignition button is needed.

Step 2

Place your cookware on top of the trivet and begin cooking.

Step 3

Adjust the flame by turning the control knob clockwise or counterclockwise as needed.

Step 4

Turn the control knob clockwise and push it in to lock it in the OFF position when finished.


Step 5

Refer to the "Cooking Table" that came with your Emilia owner's manual to find the correct rack placement/cooking times for your food.

Step 6

Remove the grill tray (if needed) and open the oven door.

Step 7

Adjust the oven shelf/shelves (rack/racks) that you plan to use. Pull a rack slowly toward you through the side supports that hold the rack until you reach the front of the oven. Tilt the rack up and pull it away from the oven. To reposition, reverse your actions by tilting down and sliding until you reach the oven's back wall. Repeat with other racks as needed.

Step 8

Ignite the burner in the oven. With the electronic ignition model, push the ignition button, pull the oven cavity control knob, turn counterclockwise to the maximum setting, hold 15 seconds, let go of the control knob and wait a two minutes to confirm a steady flame. The automatic ignition model uses the same instructions but without an ignition button.

Step 9

Close the oven door and adjust the control knob to the desired temperature setting.

Step 10

Wait at least 20 minutes to allow the oven to heat because gas ovens don't have an indicator light to indicate when the desired temperature is reached.

Step 11

Insert your food into the oven when ready using potholders and shut the door. Follow cooking times, remove when finished and shut off the gas by turning the control knob to the OFF position.