How to Program a Linear Garage Door Opener

Linear garage door openers can be programmed to open and close with the use of a keypad located outside the garage or a remote control. When using the keypad, the user enters a programmed code to control the door. The remote control has a special code that is linked to the garage door opener once it is programmed. You can program several remote controls to work with one garage door.

Keypad Programming

Step 1

Write down a one to six digit pass code you want to use to unlock the door. You only have 15 seconds to enter the code. Writing it down ahead of time will help you program the code in time.

Step 2

Press the "Learn" button on the garage door opener operator control housing. The operator control housing is mounted on your garage wall.

Step 3

Enter the code by pressing the numbers on the keypad and pushing the "Start/Stop" button. The light on the motor control unit attached to the ceiling will blink one time as an indication that the keypad is programmed.

Step 4

Test the code by closing the garage door and entering the combination into the keypad. If the door opens, the code was entered successfully. If it doesn't open, repeat Steps 2 and 3.

Remote Control

Step 5

Activate the programming mode on the garage door opener operator control housing by pressing the "Learn" button.

Step 6

Press the button on the remote control you want to operate the garage door. The motor control unit light will blink once.

Step 7

Test the remote control by pressing the button you programmed. If it does not control the door, repeat Steps 1-2.

Step 8

Repeat Steps 1-3 on any additional remote controls you want to program. The remote controls must be programmed one at a time.