Instructions on Programming a Sears Craftsman Garage Door Opener

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Program your Sears Craftsman garage door opener.

When you have a Sears Craftsman garage door opener, you can program the opener to work with garage opener remotes. The garage remotes make the operation of your garage easy. It prevents you from having to actually go into the garage and press the wall button to work your garage door. You can easily program the Craftsman garage door opener to work with new remotes. You can also reprogram the opener if your old remote stops working. There are many different models of the Craftsman garage door opener. This article provides instructions for model numbers 139.53225RT, 139.53325SRT, 139.53425SRT, 139.53628SRT, 139.53629SRT, 139.53635SRT, 139.53637SRT, 139.53824SRT and the Craftsman 971LM Liftmaster Chamberlain.


Step 1

Locate the “Learn” button that is on the back of the mounted garage door opener. This is the large box that is attached on the inside of your garage that causes the garage to go up and down. Press and release the “Learn” button. The light beside the button will light up for about 30 seconds. Wait until the light goes off.

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Step 2

Press and hold down the top button on the garage door remote. If you have a garage door remote that has three buttons, you can choose any of the three buttons.


Step 3

Locate the “SRT” button on the back of the mounted garage door opener. Press and hold down the “SRT” button. This should be done while you are still holding down the button for the garage door remote.

Step 4

Wait for the indicator light on the garage door opener to flash. This can take a few seconds. When the light flashes it is an indication that your garage door opener has been properly programmed to work with the remote.


Step 5

Repeat steps one through four for any additional remotes you would like to use. To reprogram the opener to work with old remotes you will follow the same steps.



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