How to Reset a York Diamond 80 Furnace

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Troubleshoot the ignitor or limit switch if the furnace requires frequent resets.


Resetting the furnace's circuit board will clear minor malfunctions; it will not solve serious underlying mechanical problems. Contact York customer service for more information.

A division of Johnson Controls, York Heating and Air Conditioning is an international supplier of HVAC equipment for residential, commercial and industrial customers. York Diamond 80 furnaces are high efficiency, gas-fired furnaces that are available in horizontal upflow and downflow models. If your furnace stops working, you can reset the circuit board to clear any minor malfunctions. In many cases, this is enough to get your furnace up and running again. The York Diamond 80 doesn't feature a "Reset" button; luckily, you can reset the appliance from your electrical service panel.

Step 1

Go to your home's main electrical service panel. Locate this panel in your garage, basement or laundry room.

Step 2

Open the service panel cover to expose the circuit breaker switches.

Step 3

Locate the circuit breaker switch that controls your York Diamond 80 furnace.

Step 4

Flip the circuit breaker switch into the "Off" position to disconnect the power to the furnace.

Step 5

Count to five and flip the circuit breaker switch back to the "On" position to return power to the furnace and reset its circuit board.

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