How to Light the Pilot Light on a Honeywell VR8200

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The only thing you need to light the pilot on your Honeywell VR8200 is matches.

The Honeywell VR8200 is a standing pilot gas valve designed for use on a gas furnace. If your furnace is not working, the first thing you should check is your pilot light. The pilot light is located under your furnace's burner access panel, and must be manually lit. Honeywell standing pilot gas valves are designed to be user-friendly and have safety measures installed that make lighting the pilot something you can do without an expensive service call from your HVAC technician.


Step 1

Set your thermostat to the lowest setting and unplug your furnace. Take the burner access panel off of your furnace. Turn your gas supply valve clockwise until it is in the "Off" position.

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Step 2

Wait five minutes for any gas remaining in the furnace to vent.


Step 3

Turn the gas valve counterclockwise until it reads "Pilot."

Step 4

Push the red "Reset" button and hold it down while you light the pilot burner with a match. Keep holding the "Reset" button for one minute after you light the pilot.

Step 5

Release the "Reset" button, and turn the gas valve clockwise until it reads "On."



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