How to Relight the Pilot on a Central Air Heating Unit

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Your central air heating unit, depending on the make and model, depends on a pilot light to work correctly. The pilot light is used as a source of heat to ignite the unit. Lighting your central air heating unit pilot light will take a few moments and is a straightforward procedure.

Step 1

Remove the panel on the unit that covers the pilot light compartment. Check your service manual for specific instructions. Most panels slide off the unit or open like a door.

Step 2

Turn off the unit. Make sure the gas switch is off. Find the pilot ignite button or switch. Check your service manual for the specific location. This button or switch is used to feed the pilot light with a small amount of gas so it lights.

Step 3

Press the button or flip the switch. Light the long match and place the lit end on top of the pilot light stem. It will ignite and make a small puff sound. Close the panel or put it back on the unit.


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