How to Repair a Cuisinart Smart Stick's Blade

Cuisinart makes several versions of its Smart Stick hand blender. With these hand blenders, there are two types of blades: those mounted on the blending shaft and those that work with the chopper/grinder attachment. You do not need to remove the blades themselves from the shaft for cleaning and maintenance. To repair the blades, remove and replace the part containing the blades, rather than working directly with the blades. Use only authorized replacement parts on your Smart Stick blender. Parts are available through the Cuisinart website.

Step 1

Turn the appliance off to ensure the motor is completely stopped. Detach the charger handle from the motor body. Unplug the appliance before you begin any work with the blades of the device, warns the Cuisinart instruction book for the Cordless Rechargeable hand blender and Smart Stick hand blender.

Step 2

Grasp the detachable blade shaft near the motor body, away from the blade end. Press the release button. Pull the detachable blade shaft away from the motor body to remove the main blades from the hand blender.

Step 3

Remove the chopper/grinder attachment's reversible blade. Release and remove the motor body from the attachment cover. While holding the prep bowl by its bottom, grasp the central hub's holding ribs/grips using the fingers of your opposite hand.

Keeping your fingers away from the blades, turn the blade ring counterclockwise. Disconnect the blade ring from the plastic blade sheath by lifting the blade off the sheath. Work the blade ring over the notches on the blade sheath as necessary to free the blade if you need to further disassemble the unit for shipping or repair.

Alice Moon

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