How to Troubleshoot Blinking on a GE Range

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GE ranges come in gas and electric models and various configurations, such as slide-in, freestanding or drop-in, and have many cooking features and options. While most of what a GE range can do comes as a benefit to the user, such as convection cooking or self-cleaning, sometimes the range may do something that is unusual or surprising. If the range display is blinking and the control panel will not work, basic troubleshooting steps should return it to normal function.


Step 1

Push "Cancel" if the display is blinking on the GE range. When the display blinks, it indicates a recent power failure or outage.

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Step 2

Touch "Clock" and press the corresponding number pads for the time of day.

Step 3

Touch "Start" to confirm the time of day and restore normal control pad function.


Step 4

Unplug the range and wait 60 seconds if the display keeps blinking. Restore power and try to set the clock again. Contact GE at 800-848-7620 if the control panel keeps flashing.

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