My GE Range's Clock and Oven Controls Are Dead

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GE ranges are sold in freestanding, drop-in and slide-in styles in electric or gas format. The ovens range in price and have many available options, such as a baking or storage drawer, convection cooking, self-cleaning cycle, adjustable burners and a built-in meat probe. The ranges also often feature a backsplash or control panel with a clock and electronic keypads, but if the clock and the controls are dead and won't work, troubleshooting might help determine why.



If there are problems or disruption in power, the range controls and clock may not function. The power cord must be plugged securely into a live, grounded outlet. If there was a power outage or failure, or the plug is connected to an outlet but the oven is still not working, reset or replace the circuit breaker or fuse.


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Range Lockout

Many GE ranges have a range lockout feature that locks the control panel so it cannot be activated or used, which may lead some users to believe the controls are not operable. Press the "Range Lockout" button and then "Start" to unlock it. The lockout feature affects all controls and must be unlocked to access or use the range.


Clock Blackout

The clock can be blacked out on many GE ranges, which makes the clock appear as though it is not working. If the clock blackout feature is active, the delay start feature will not operate. To release this feature, press "Clock" three times until the display shows "Off." Press "Start" to confirm.



If power seems to be working to the range and the range lockout, clock blackout or other features are not active and the clock and controls still do not work, reset the oven. Disconnect power to the range for 30 seconds, and then reconnect the power to perform a reset. If this does not resolve the issue, contact GE for service.



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